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Camp Zilker

Local after school program providing economically disadvantaged with outdoor/STEM activities & life skills.

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Brand Identity

The new identity for the Sunshine After School Program, needed to have a shorter name, and a similar logo to the main Austin Sunshine Camps' to create a sub-brand. Therefore, the new name became Camp Zilker .The new art direction for the program, would be focused around modern line-work and graphics with a retro base. 

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Camp Zilker motivates students within their academics, aids with their homework, and provides STEM based activities. With this, the idea of providing students with a planner to help them with organization of tracking their daily activities and homework. Below is the planner that was created.

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Dress Code

Since, Camp Zilker is an afterschool program that not only provides academic activities, it also provides students with fun outdoor activities as well. These activities take place within the Austin area at Zilker Park, Barton Springs, or at the nearby river. With this, to better track the students, 3 shirts would be provided for the children. They will be in  the colors: Knowledge Green, Barton Blue, and Joy Yellow.  As for the staff, they will only wear the Austin Sunshine Orange shirt, and it will have "staff" on the back. Name tag for staff member would be provided as well.

Knowledge Green Shirt
Knowledge Green Shirt

Student Shirt

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Barton Blue Shirt
Barton Blue Shirt

Student Shirt

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Back of Staff Shirt
Back of Staff Shirt

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Knowledge Green Shirt
Knowledge Green Shirt

Student Shirt

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Camp Zilker provides students with transportation from school to on-site afterschool program. If a parent will unfortunately not be able to pick up their child after program ends, Camp Zilker also provides transportation to students home. With this, a van was designed so that students and staff could distinguish their vehicle for their specific program. The van will have peelable wrap, and in corner will show that it is associated with Austin Sunshine Camps. 



In 1928, The Young Men's Business of Austin established the Austin Sunshine Camps in Zilker Park. The park provided a space in which local economically disadvantaged children could gain weight, grow strong, and spend time outdoors.

Today, Austin Sunshine Camps is still serving youth living near or below poverty line. The programs enrich the community by encouraging and facilitating the power to succeed through education and healthy living. Austin Sunshine camps renders the space and comfort kids need to look beyond their current situation and dream big.


Austin Sunshine Camps Logo

Austin Sunshine Camps

Austin Sunshine Camps currently has 3 programs; two summer camps and an after school program.

Summer Camp 1: 8-11yrs of age, 5 days @Zilker Park.

Summer Camp 2: 12-15yrs of age, 5 days @Lake Travis.

Sunshine After school program: middle school students, Mon.-Fri. throughout academic year @ Zilker Park.

The two camps overshadow the after school program. The focus for this project is to focus on the Sunshine After School Program, and give them a new solid sub-brand to the Austin Sunshine Camps that could distinguish them and what they do for the youth.